Previous Updates

29 February, 2004  We ring in the new year with a new story by Dana, Same Difference, in the fic section.

29 January, 2004  We ring in the new year with a new story by Trixie, Wintering, in the fic section.

21 December, 2003  December's updates include the last of Mer's Steps series, The Next Step, Regala Electra's Absence of Solace, in the fic section, and Anna S's Buffy/Wesley entry from her Unlikely Pairings series of essays to the writing section.

28 November, 2003  Added So Many Little Things, a Wishverse story by hold_that_thought.

25 October, 2003  A general essay/rant What to Avoid in Pairing Writing: a Primer has been added.

19 September, 2003  September is an embarrassment of riches for us here at Latitude. Two wonderful and bittersweet stories, I Do What I Am Told and The Summer of Your Distance have been added.

14 September, 2003  We've added an incredible new story, Surviving to the stacks. As always, we are still taking any essays or stories that you may choose to submit, should you choose to submit them. Latitude has been around now for about half a year, and if we have learned anything in that time, it's that we the archivists, well, archivist, well, Minim (who is stark raving sane), are not above begging. (Sane and shame really only share the three letters, after all.) (On the other hand, this explains why for such a small pairing, we have somehow managed to wrangle up thirty five stories.)

7 September, 2003  We are pleased to add a new story by Trixie, The Mermaids Singing.

14 August, 2003  Two new stories and a new essay, Sex and the Single Slayer have been added. The stories are Second Face and Third Face, follow-ups to First Face. Enjoy!

09 July, 2003  Three new stories and a new challenge have been added. The stories are Earning Heaven, Training Daze, and In the Absence of Sun. Enjoy!

13 June, 2003  It Had Been Good added to the archive as the result of a wee dare involving the pluperfect.

10 June, 2003  Two new stories, both bleakly fabulous! Fallible, from Princess Twilite, and Symbiosis, from OneTwoMany, both to be found on the fanfic page. Remember our Yahoo group and Challenges page. Thank you! Previous updates.

21 May, 2003  New story Indirect, from s.a. on the fanfic page. Previous updates page added. Yahoo group created. Challenges page added.

10 May 2003:  Back from holiday, and updating with a new Buffy essay on the resources page. Don't forget the Beta Reader Sign-Up Form and Submission guidelines, if you are interested in either. On the horizon: a challenge page!