Challenges and Ideas

Challenge #1  Write a Buffy/Wesley piece set after the Season 7/4 finales. Use the words "chenille", "lager", and "cascade".

Challenge #2  The Road Trip Fic challenge. Going where? Up to you. Why? Again, I don't know. How? By land, but car, bus, SUV, motorcycle... again, up to you. Anywhere the road takes them, for any reason.

Challenge #3  The Leonard Cohen Song Title Challenge. Leonard Cohen song titles can be found at The Leonard Cohen Files.

Challenge #4  (thanks to s.a. for this one) Buffy and Wesley are recalled to the Watcher's Council HQ for a reason that's up to the writer, leading to fun in the rain in London, getting sweaty and hitting things, and hopefully more.

Challenge #5  Our first Reader Challenge! Special thanks to Ryan. Premise: Set around the end of S3 of 'Angel' right after Wesley takes Connor and 'betrays' Angel. When doing a spell to try and get him back the AI group gets sent into a AU-Sunnydale. In this AU Buffy and Wesley are Wesley are married and are expecting a son of their own. Buffy is having prophetic dreams about the baby being taken after birth (some kind of evil demon of course) and wants the AI gang to help.

The regular S3 Wesley has replaced the AU-Wesley and Buffy thinks he is her husband and the baby's father making Angel jealous and angry that Wesley gets to have a son *and* Buffy. While Wesley tries not to get attached, he finds himself falling in love with Buffy.

Challenge #6  A dead man walks into a bar... post-NFA fics. How you get there is up to you, so long as it's set post NFA, and without changing the events of NFA.

Challenges can be posted to the latitudefic group at Yahoo groups (, must be a member of the group to post.) or submitted to, with the headers specified in the submission guidelines.