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Site updated 10 April, 2005  New challenge added.

Site updated 24 September, 2004  After an unexpected summer holiday, we're back and updating. Today's addition is The Sinews of War, by hold_that_thought.

Site updated 15 June, 2004  The archivist apologizes for the delay. Life consumed her. We do, however, have an addition to offer: Blissful Deceit, by Marenfic.

Site updated 30 April, 2004  A short new story by Minim Calibre, wrapped/unravelled, has been added in the fic section.

Site updated 31 March, 2004  A short new story by SA, my heart will go on (or some things never change), has been added in the fic section.  Previous updates.

"New watcher?" "New watcher." "Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. It's very nice to meet you." "Is he evil?"

Welcome to Latitude, the Buffy/Wesley resource and archive site, and the BtVS Writers Guild Buffy/Wesley Zone. As pairings go, it's unconventional, but unconventional (to shamelessly borrow from Angelus) doesn't have to mean sloppy. That's why we're here to help. What can you find at Latitude? Frequent updates, writing resouces, beta readers, a nice selection of Buffy/Wesley fanfiction, and challenges to stir the reluctant muse.

So come on in and look around. It's not as peculiar as one might think...

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