Buffy/Wesley Resources

Writing Buffy and Wesley

Minim Calibre's Tips
Hints on writing believable Buffy/Wesley.
Cindy's Buffy and Wesley parallels.
More in-depth comparision of the characters.
Anna S, Unlikely Pairings 3: Wesley/Buffy
As part of her ongoing series, Anna S looks at how the show could have done Buffy and Wesley as a pairing.
Wesley: An Analysis
Victor D. Infante's insightful analyis of Wesley, written post-S3, pre-S4.
Buffy Summers, a Hero Without an Out
Minim Calibre's mid-S7 Buffy defense.
Sex and the Single Slayer
Am-Chau Yarkona writes on Buffy and sexuality.
An assortment of challenges to get those plot bunnies breeding.

General Writing Resources

What to Avoid in Pairing Writing: a Primer by Minim Calibre
Things to avoid when writing pairings, conventional or un.
Dictionary.com's writing resources list.
A good stop for grammar and style resources.
The Armchair Grammarian
An eclectic collection of rules and tips.


Latitude Fic
The Latitude Buffy and Wesley group.
Buffy/Wesley Shippers
Buffy and Wesley fanfiction group.
Defenders of Wesley
Wesley-centric fanfiction friendly discussion group.
Buffy and Angel Fanfiction Archive (list)
Buffy and Angel Fanfiction Archive (main site)
General all-purpose Buffy and Angel Fanfiction Archive. Includes a handy autoarchive.
Watcher Girls
A discussion and fanfiction list devoted to Giles and Wesley, any pairing allowed, so long as one of the Watchers is a primary character.


Second Chances
A Buffy/Wesley shipper site
Deconstructing Wesley
One-stop resource for Wesley information. The BtVS Writers Guild Wesley Zone.
Blood and Honey
The BtVS Writers Guild Buffy Zone.
The Council of Watchers
A good stop for canon/episode research.

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