It Had Been Good

Am-Chau Yarkona

Summary: Am was dared to write pluperfect fic.
Rating: PG
Story Notes: Did we mention the part where Am was dared to write pluperfect fic?
Disclaimer: Not the property of anyone here. Nope. Also, Am doesn't normally write things like this. She was dared.

They had had sex, and rested, and had sex again. It had been good for them, because everyone needs to let off a little sexual tension now and again, and the air between them had been getting thicker for weeks.

Sex with Wesley, Buffy had decided, was good. It wasn't as good as it had been with Angel, but it had the major advantage of happening more than once.

"This has been good," he had said, "but it can't go on. I'm meant to be responsible."

She had turned away, tears in her eyes, but she had known he was right.